Murray Associates TSCM - Electronic surveillance detection and counterespionage consulting for business, government and at-risk individuals.

Technical Information Security Surveys (TSCM) Counterespionage Consulting Services
for business & government, since 1978.



New York area headquarters.

Services available worldwide.




TSCM, Debugging, Bug Sweeps, Electronic Countermeasures


Debugging offices and conference rooms also includes an information security survey, and personal counterespionage consulting.

Workplace Inspections

• Law offices

• Boardrooms

• Trading floors

• Executive suites

• Conference rooms

• Board meeting inspections

• Info-loss vulnerability surveys



Debugging sweeps on all types of vehicles, including: cars, boats and aircraft (limousines, planes, autos, yachts, automobiles, airplanes)

Vehicle Inspections

• Eavesdropping Detection

• GPS Tracking Detection

• Limousines

• Aircraft

• Yachts



Wirelesss LAN TSCM inspections locate illegal rogue access points, Wi-Fi bugs, transmission and legal compliance issues.


Wi-Fi Cyber Espionage

• Wi-Fi Security & Compliance Audits

• Whole building / floor security audits

• Compliance surveys (HIPAA, GLBA,

  Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, FISMA,

  DoD 8100.2, ISO 27001, Basel II)



TSCM is only part of a Murray Associates debugging sweep. We also conduct an information security survey for you.

Intellectual Property Protection Information Security Audits

• Information security surveys

• Business espionage prevention

• Information security




Inspecting for spycams and video recorders in restrooms, shower and locker areas, and any place where there is an expectation of privacy.

Optical Surveillance Detection

• Spycams, Covert Video

• Privacy due diligence for hotels, country clubs, resorts, community pools, schools and high profile individuals.



Bug sweeps are essential to protecting personal privacy in: homes, residences, corporate apartments, hotel rooms and off-site meeting locations.

Residential Surveillance Detection

• Corporate apartments

• Executive homes & offices

• Off-site business meetings

• Hotel room & resort conference areas

What Did You Say?

Long Distance eavesdropping sounds pretty easy today

New York Sunday News - July 7, 1957


    "Invasion of privacy" is a complaint which may no longer be limited to outraged movie stars. With so many electronic instruments on the market these days which can surreptitiously pick up a personal conversation, the eavesdropper has a big advantage.


TSCM History - Invasion of privacy via electronic surveillance bugging, as reported in 1957.

      Tiny battery-powered microphone can easily be concealed under gown and is a natural for television and sound-stage work. Some of the listening devices cost $1,000.


      Some of the devices are so small that they can easily be hidden in a breast pocket. They are powerful enough, however, to beam a high-fidelity signal more than a quarter of a mile.


      The instruments are being put into legal use by television, movie, industrial and official circles. They are a natural for TV programs like "Person to Person" and for police work.


TSCM History - Wireless bug being planted in a car. Eavesdropping, as reported in 1957.

      Compact mike and power unit installed under dashboard will not only relay conversation but also the car's speed and direction to a following auto.


TSCM History - Private detective monitoring electronic eavesdropping surveillance devices, as reported in 1957.

      Monitor stationed blocks away from scene can preserve conversation by connecting receiver to tape recorder. This type of eavesdropping is especially useful to law enforcement agencies.


TSCM History - Woman installs an electronic surveillance bug battery under her skirt, as reported in 1957.

      Power unit is not much bigger than the transmitter. Chances of detection are small when it is strapped to leg and hooked to mike at waist.