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Technical Information Security Surveys (TSCM) Counterespionage Consulting Services
for business & government, since 1978.



New York area headquarters.

Services available worldwide.




TSCM, Debugging, Bug Sweeps, Electronic Countermeasures


Debugging offices and conference rooms also includes an information security survey, and personal counterespionage consulting.

Workplace Inspections

• Law offices

• Boardrooms

• Trading floors

• Executive suites

• Conference rooms

• Board meeting inspections

• Info-loss vulnerability surveys



Debugging sweeps on all types of vehicles, including: cars, boats and aircraft (limousines, planes, autos, yachts, automobiles, airplanes)

Vehicle Inspections

• Eavesdropping Detection

• GPS Tracking Detection

• Limousines

• Aircraft

• Yachts



Wirelesss LAN TSCM inspections locate illegal rogue access points, Wi-Fi bugs, transmission and legal compliance issues.


Wi-Fi Cyber Espionage

• Wi-Fi Security & Compliance Audits

• Whole building / floor security audits

• Compliance surveys (HIPAA, GLBA,

  Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, FISMA,

  DoD 8100.2, ISO 27001, Basel II)



TSCM is only part of a Murray Associates debugging sweep. We also conduct an information security survey for you.

Intellectual Property Protection Information Security Audits

• Information security surveys

• Business espionage prevention

• Information security




Inspecting for spycams and video recorders in restrooms, shower and locker areas, and any place where there is an expectation of privacy.

Optical Surveillance Detection

• Spycams, Covert Video

• Privacy due diligence for hotels, country clubs, resorts, community pools, schools and high profile individuals.



Bug sweeps are essential to protecting personal privacy in: homes, residences, corporate apartments, hotel rooms and off-site meeting locations.

Residential Surveillance Detection

• Corporate apartments

• Executive homes & offices

• Off-site business meetings

• Hotel room & resort conference areas


Part V

Spaso House

Home of "The Thing"


Part I       Part II       Part III       Part IV


Compiled by Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM


TSCM History - The Great Seal Bug Story - Part 5 - Russian eavesdropping bug showing where it was planted in the seal.

Replica of the Great Seal bug.

On display at the National Security Agency (NSA)

National Cryptologic Museum

TSCM History - The Great Seal Bug Story - Part 5 - National Security Agency NSA Logo
TSCM History - The Great Seal Bug Story - Part 5 - The room in which the Russians planted the eavesdropping bug.

The photo above was contributed by a sharp-eyed visitor to this site. Thank you!


"Searching for data on the Seal I search under Spaso the building name. When I looked at the photo I could not believe my eyes - the nice round object on the wall. Photo April 24 1947, was the device operating at the time of this photo?
I believe so."






The Great Seal Bug - Part I


The Great Seal Bug - Part II


The Great Seal Bug - Part III


The Great Seal Bug - Part IV



     Please help document this historic bug in greater detail. If you have any knowledge, personal recollections, photographs, or know the current whereabouts of the original Great Seal or its bug, contact me.


    Thank you,