Murray Associates TSCM - Electronic surveillance detection and counterespionage consulting for business, government and at-risk individuals.

Technical Information Security Surveys (TSCM) Counterespionage Consulting Services
for business & government, since 1978.



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Services available worldwide.

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Introduction to Murray Associates ­— Because knowing who to trust is important.

The Security Director's Guide to Discussing TSCM with Management (NEW)


Murray Security Reports

Off-Site Meeting Security Checklist — 25 recommendations / 5-page report. (NEW)

Electronic Eavesdropping & Industrial Espionage — The missing business school courses.

The Top 20 Information Security Tips for Business Travelers to Closed Society Countries

How to Handle Counterespionage — A primer for security directors and facilities managers.

Wi-Fi Security — Our 20-Point Checklist for securing your system. (NEW)

Laser Beam Eavesdropping — Si-Fi bugs?

In-house TSCM? — Advice on Conducting TSCM In-House


Case Studies

Tektronix Case Study on Murray Associates use of their Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

AM / FM Spy Camera & Drone Video Detection

Advanced IR Bug Detection Technique — Pioneered by Murray Associates.

Countering Electronic Espionage in Business — Anatomy of a corporate TSCM bug sweep.





TSCM, Debugging, Bug Sweeps, Electronic Countermeasures


Debugging offices and conference rooms also includes an information security survey, and personal counterespionage consulting.

Workplace Inspections

• Law offices

• Boardrooms

• Trading floors

• Executive suites

• Conference rooms

• Board meeting inspections

• Info-loss vulnerability surveys



Debugging sweeps on all types of vehicles, including: cars, boats and aircraft (limousines, planes, autos, yachts, automobiles, airplanes)

Vehicle Inspections

• Eavesdropping Detection

• GPS Tracking Detection

• Limousines

• Aircraft

• Yachts



Wirelesss LAN TSCM inspections locate illegal rogue access points, Wi-Fi bugs, transmission and legal compliance issues.


Wi-Fi Cyber Espionage

• Wi-Fi Security & Compliance Audits

• Whole building / floor security audits

• Compliance surveys (HIPAA, GLBA,

  Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, FISMA,

  DoD 8100.2, ISO 27001, Basel II)



TSCM is only part of a Murray Associates debugging sweep. We also conduct an information security survey for you.

Intellectual Property Protection Information Security Audits

• Information security surveys

• Business espionage prevention

• Information security




Inspecting for spycams and video recorders in restrooms, shower and locker areas, and any place where there is an expectation of privacy.

Optical Surveillance Detection

• Spycams, Covert Video

• Privacy due diligence for hotels, country clubs, resorts, community pools, schools and high profile individuals.



Bug sweeps are essential to protecting personal privacy in: homes, residences, corporate apartments, hotel rooms and off-site meeting locations.

Residential Surveillance Detection

• Corporate apartments

• Executive homes & offices

• Off-site business meetings

• Hotel room & resort conference areas